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We are accepting phone and email orders with outside pick up available. 

Our office is currently closed to the general public. 


For Scheduling of Flagging Services:


For  rental and sale of traffic control devices

On Monday, March 23rd, Governor Jay Inslee issued a stay at home order for all non-essential businesses. Many of the supplies and services provided by The Henifin Family of Companies are considered essential and thus we will continue to work at this time. With that said, The Henifin Family of Companies believes it is our responsibility to slow the expansion of COVID19, protect our employees, clients, and the community, so we have implemented the following action plan: 



Office Staff are Required to follow these steps:

  •  Employees able to work remotely will be required to do so.

  • Employees whose work must be done at our headquarters have been given alternating schedules. Please be patient with our staff if you experience a delay in service. 

  • Employees must wash their hands upon entering our facility. 

  • Common work areas are disinfected after each use. 


Flagging Staff are Required to follow these steps 

  • For local projects, only one Employee is permitted in a company vehicle. Additional employees will meet on site.

  • Vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

  • For out of town projects, Employees may ride together, when needed, only with proper protective equipment such as face masks and gloves and stopping frequently to get fresh air and sanitize if needed. In the situation they are unable to obtain protective equipment they will be required to drive separate vehicles. Additional fees may be necessary due to extra precautionary measures while traveling.  

  • For overnight out of town projects, Employees will be provided with their own room and may need to drive in separate traffic control vehicles. Additional fees for per diems, lodging, etc. may be necessary due to the extra precautionary measures required.


Expectations from employees, clients and our company: 

  • Follow CDC guidelines including, but not limited to, staying home when sick, washing hands regularly, avoiding touching your face and staying home during non-essential times.

  • If an employee has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID19 or have contracted the virus they must inform a manager. A memo will be released to inform others’ who may have been exposed. We ask any clients/customers to follow these guidelines regarding communicating any confirmed cases of exposure. 

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